Skin Polishing

This process includes using the crystal on your skin to gently exfoliate the uppermost dead layer of the skin, promote cell and collagen production, and also increase the blood circulation making your skin look younger, smoother, and fresher. Stimulation of skin cells and collagen minimizes the appearances of skin pores too. The process is a quick one and takes just as much as time as you would to finish your lunch.

As a part of the skin polishing procedure, an equipment focuses a stream of microscopic crystals on the skin to exfoliate and remove the dead layer of the skin, thus promoting a healthier dermis. This skin treatment also encourages regeneration of skin cells, which rejuvenates the lost elasticity and brightness. Further, this process boosts the collagen production of the skin resulting in minimized large pores and enhanced firmness of the skin.

What Results Can One Expect?

After one session of this treatment, you will witness a smoother, brighter, and younger looking skin with a considerable reduction in epidermal damage that was caused due to sun exposure, stress, age, and hectic lifestyle.

Benefits Of The Procedure

The skin polishing treatment gently exfoliates the skin and resurfaces a fresher looking skin, therefore it –

  • Diminishes dark patches and other irregularities in the texture of the skin
  • Polishes and diminishes wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging
  • Minimizes large pores
  • Exfoliates and extracts clogged pores
  • Polishes and smoothens the scarring caused by acne and burns