Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure where multiple micro injections of a substance (vitamin/mineral/amino acid) is given to a chosen area.  It is introduced into the mesoderm(middle layer of the skin), the layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin.

Well-known for its outstanding results on the body, mesotherapy can also be applied on the face to prevent and treat signs of aging and rejuvenate the entire area, bringing out a natural glow that will catch everyone’s eye.Mesotherapyrefurbishes the skin with a special cocktail of nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids to boost its appearance with wonderful results. As a result, your face regains its natural elasticity, shape and glow. Since this non-invasive treatment replenishes naturally-occurring substances required by the skin to rehydrate and repair imperfections, the results are quick and long-lasting.


Facial mesotherapy combats sagging and ageing of the skin, improves wrinkles, and also gives luminosity to the face. It does this by stimulating the skin tissue, firming and toning. It restructures mature skin, repairs post-traumatic skin imperfections and increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin.


Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation would require around half an hour.

No of sessions

For long lasting effect it is necessary to follow a course of treatment comprising 3 times with average interval of 3-4 weeks.

Results will last for

Medical studies have shown that, usually it would take around four to six round of sessions to see the final wonderful results.