Chin surgery – mentoplasty

Men and women who have recessed chin, fleshy neck or prominent nose can go for Chin augmentation surgery that can give them defined jaw and balanced appearance of a large nose. The people who have big chin can go for chin reduction surgery to make their jaws appear less prominent. The women who want to go for chin augmentation surgery should be in good health and should not be suffering from cardiac problems or hypertension. Chin implants surgeries are gaining popularity in men also because it makes them look stronger and more handsome with a bold jaw line.

Who is the best candidate for Chin Remodeling?

    The need for chin remodeling:

  • If having a weak, receding chin and want to make it more projectable and improve the jawline.
  • To escalate the definition and obtain fullness of cheeks.
  • To restore the shape and proportion of facial features which have become dull due to aging
  • To improve facial asymmetry or deformities resulting from injury or congenital conditions

About Chin Augmentation Surgery

A weak chin makes the neck appear fleshy. It accentuates the size of a normal nose and makes a large nose seem especially big. Chin enlargement through chin implant surgery brings the facial features into harmony and balances the overall facial structure.

Chin augmentation surgery creates a stronger profile or more balanced facial features. The procedure is often part of a comprehensive facial plastic surgery plan that includes cosmetic enhancement of the nose.

Chin Augmentation Procedure

Recessive chin enlargement surgery uses chin implants to supplement the existing bone at the front of the jaw beneath the teeth. The artificial implant sits under the skin and gives a permanent boost to the strength and definition of the chin. This augmentation method can give patients a pleasing, well-proportioned look that seems completely natural. A cosmetic chin enlargement procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis at the surgeon's facility, but may be performed at a hospital. The length of time the procedure takes depends on several factors, but is usually from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

The Chin Augmentation Surgery Advantage

    Cosmetic chin surgery is an excellent option for anyone who feels that their chin is not shaped right in relation to the rest of the face. Good candidates for the procedure include those who have a:

  • Recessed chin
  • Pointed or squared chin
  • Prominent nose
  • Fleshy neck

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

  • Simple procedure
  • Improves the profile view of a face
  • The implant can be removed if you don’t like it
  • No visible scar on the face as it is done through a small incision under the chin.